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An Innovative Bay Area Tech Startup

XL8.AI is a translation technology startup that started in Zed Coworking in October 2019. The startup was founded by Bay area’s top engineers with the mission to help the world communicate by eliminating barriers of languages, regions, or circumstances through innovative technologies, XL8.AI developed an artificial intelligence powered machine translation platform specialized to remove the language barrier in the media industry ecosystem.

The translation platform - translating 10,000,000 text messages per day - helps eliminate communication gaps, accelerating content delivery to a rate that cannot be compared to human translation. The translation technology further eliminates language barriers through cloud solutions, which utilizes the Internet to enable Language localization. Furthermore, the fast and accurate translation service is supplemented with quality control by professional translators.

The innovative technology of XL8.AI's translation platform, has established partnerships with global OTTs such as Netflix, Disney, HBO, SDI Media, and even speech recognition software like Scriptx - providing faster, more accurate and cost-effective translations to enable communication and eliminate language barriers.

XL8.AI's translation platform is rapidly expanding its business scope by establishing presence in the global market. The innovative technology has been hailed as "The solution to the barriers for international media in entering overseas/global markets" and even awarded the AI Startup of the Year by the Korean Tech Incubator Program for Startup program for nurturing the most promising, innovative ideas and groundbreaking technology. The future looks bright for XL8.AI as their innovative technology is anticipated to provide an important foundation to the global media industry to advance overseas.


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