ZED Open Space


Coworking & Desk Space at ZED are consisted of comfortable ergonomic desk and chairs with natural views of green space. Our open space provides the flexibility to work with an individual focus, a collaborative focus, or to switch between both as needed.

Based on research, our design team created a contemporary space to fit the needs of working and connecting as comfortable as possible. Plus, you’ll smell some freshly brewed coffee and notice the thoughtful phone booth placed nearby for privacy when needed. If you’re looking for a shared workspace environment, we have you covered in our coworking space.

Perks & Amenities


No fee for parking. Private parking lot with ample spaces

unlimited caffeine

Freshly brewed premium organic coffee and tea served every day. 

Mega speed internet

Dedicated fiber optic line only for ZED members

Soundproof Phone booths

Step inside to dial in,

Think out loud,

Focus on the essence


Coworking Space

Claim your own space from our business tables.

Perfect for entrepreneurs who require temporary workspace



Premium Coworking

Use any available desk space just like coworking.

Great value for those who are used to traditional desks.



Dedicated Desk

Fully furnished desk space

You’ll always have an private place to work.




ZED Silicon Valley is leading the way for creative workspaces, leasing office for small teams, busy professionals, and fast-moving startups.

True to the essence of office space, ZED redefines the office that thrives on efficiency, professionalism, and personalization. Located within the creative soul of Silicon Valley, this is the shared office space to work efficiently, and make solid connections with fellow members. You'll love our quiet community vibe, professional meeting rooms, cozy lounges, and neighbours with well maintained manners.


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690 Saratoga Ave Ste 100,
San Jose, CA 95129, USA

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