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We designed the office to give you a nice amount of workspace, furnished enclosure with your own personal natural-wood desk (48” wide), file cabinets, and high-end ergonomic chair. Each private office has full stack windows so natural lighting is let in while still giving a level of privacy. Each Private office can be locked up with a separate key.

Why ZED Silicon Valley Office?

  • Lowest turnover rate in the industry

    • 100% of the members started with ZED and ended up with a long term contract

    • 100% satisfaction - 5 star reviews from current users 

  • Prioritize on taking care members

    • ZED prioritizes our members' needs. ZED has an R&D team to create the most efficient workstyle. ZED is not limited only to a workplace function. 

Perks & Amenities



Free access to spacious parking lot 


Ergo Chair and Desk 1.jpg

HIGH end


Comfortable Chairs and desks are essential to successful work 



Working with natural light significantly impacts your productivity, health and overall well being

Concentration Office and coworking space


Easy to focus

Complete your work in optimized layout


Private office suite for 1 to 2 people.jpg

Private Office
(  1-2)

Single office space with private whiteboard and secured file cabinet. 

Private office suite for 2 to 4 people.jpg

Private Office

(   2-3)

Private office with full stack windows. Perfect for small startup and professionals

Private office suite for 10 people.JPG

Private Office

(   4-8)

Executive Private office suite Serve upto 8 people and include secured storage and whiteboards

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