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Zed Silicon Valley: Ranked as TOP Shared Workspaces in California

In a recent rating by Surf Office, an acclaimed European based facilitator of Coworking offices, Zed Coworking scored an impressive 9.5 out of 10 – ranking shoulder to shoulder with industry giants.

Even when compared to dominant coworking spaces with massive revenues Zed’s clean, quiet working environment with ample meeting rooms and top-notch amenities, along with an energetic, professional, and welcoming community were among the many characteristics noted for excellence on the ranking report.

Since conception, Zed has been devoted to providing an optimized workspace to cater to meet any business needs: A workspace redefined on efficiency and professionalism – an office which you fill with your own inspiration and passion.

Our commitment starts from the minutest details: Copious numbers of air purifiers operate to filter and ventilate pollutants to provide clean air quality, Synesthesia theory is utilized through Classical music and white noise machines which stimulates the sensory pathways to help increase focus, and an expanded array of cleaning products helps reinforce the daily sanitation process to prepare a safe environment. - to fundamental operational details of configuring areas of the facilities such as meeting rooms, booths, and window bars unavailable for external booking to exclusively reserve for member use, and maintaining a policy of reduced occupancy to allow for a concentrated and potent environment of efficiency, professionalism, and personalization. A workspace within which professionals not only work efficiently, but make solid connections with fellow members.

Top 10 Best Coworking spaces in San Jose

Zed accepts the honor of top ranking as an attestment to our dedication. This achievement would not have been possible without our loyal members. We sincerely value your confidence in us, and appreciate you.


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