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Time to get back on the greens

Spring is an exciting time for golfers. Warmer weathers and more time after work or school with daylight savings back means players cannot wait to get back on the fresh green course with the coming of spring.

Golf is a sport of endless variation: clubs, shafts, clothing, stance, and swing among many. The game of golf is in perfecting the skills and mechanics of the sport. While the golf swing and everything influencing it is one of the most complex movements in any sport, there is a key success determining element: the set-up.

The location of the ball can make or break your swing even before you start moving the club.

Golf ball position is one major aspect that affects the success of the swing. It is the decisive factor to the flight and direction of the ball, influencing the swing arc, and when the club comes into contact with the ball.

Likely the location of your place of work can be a determining factor of success.

The location of your place of work can make an impression on potential customers. ZED Coworking’s business location at the heart of Silicon Valley can help establish a brand, image, and credibility to your business - attracting a specific customer clientele and the right sort of talent to make the business a success.

Silicon Valley is one of the most well-known places in the Bay area for the biggest names in the tech industry. The concentration of tech community presents amazing economic opportunities for talented individuals and professionals and provides for a flourishing consumer market resulting in the attracting flux of population.

The concentration of talented individuals in close proximity has allowed for a unique formation of a networking culture of innovation and collaboration.

Home to a surplus number of prestigious golf courses, golf is one of silicon valley’s top method of networking.

Golf and business have been linked for as long as the game has been around. It is one of the preferred networking tool amongst the higher-ups in business. Golf lends itself as a networking tool because the style of gameplay allows for ample time to communicate with the people you are playing with.

Pairing up with someone you want to strike up a business deal with in a casual game of golf can be an excellent strategy to bring up the topic of business in a natural and spontaneous way. A game of golf can be a way for parties to feel comfortable with each other, get to know one another over a few beers and make an impression.

“They say golf builds character, but in reality it reveals character”

Golf is an opportunity to learn about the people playing with you. The gameplay provides ample opportunities for the player to demonstrate respectful or upsetting behavior. A player who plays by the rules and with etiquette probably will make a respectful business partner. If they are in a haste to become frustrated and do not respect the golf course, the player may not be a person you want to do business with.

By the time a round is through, you should have a more comprehensive impression of your prospective business partner to help make a decision on whether or not a business deal should move through.

Unlike most sports and leisure activities which are composed of limits in age, health range and physical fitness. This allows for the incorporation and playability of a wider age and health range. This is beneficial in networking as upper management, the ranks which make up the face of the internals of a business, correlates predominantly with age and seniority.

Among the few industries that have benefited from the coronavirus pandemic is golf. While numerous industries have suffered and decimated, golf has proven to be the perfect leisure activity for these unprecedented times. Golf naturally lends itself to social distancing and provides an opportunity to enjoy a much needed breath of fresh air, sunshine and companionship.


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