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The New Normal

The Covid-19 is a black swan moment that caused profound panic, uncertainty and changes to our daily lives. Exhausted and burdened many of us are pining for normalcy.

Initially, when Covid-19 first emerged in December 2019, it was originally thought to be something minor, temporary, something brief that we would ride out. However, by March 2020, hospitals became overwhelmed by growing cases and a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment occured. Countries sealed borders, sports teams canceled seasons, schools closed and employees went home - the world was put in a Great Lockdown. After 3 years of numerous attempts to reopen and return back to normal, Covid has proven over and over through continued surges, and variants, that the new normal is living with Covid.

As Covid continues to persist, and evolve,a great reckoning is taking place around the globe as, one by one, nations accept a harsh reality. We will never totally eradicate Covid. Strategies are being applied to transition the virus into an endemic state - in which a disease which settles into a more predictable, stable pattern with a more manageable risk as people grow overall immunity - a shift in focus from crisis mode to long-term control.

As the virus continues to evolve, it will become just one of a number of circulating infectious upper respiratory viruses like influenza and respiratory syncytial virus that routinely sicken and threaten lives but do not throw the world into crisis. The "new normal" of life with Covid will require a national commitment to controlling inevitable outbreaks by means of a strategic plan that assures preparedness - if we can't eradicate Covid, we will manage the risks it poses.

We take risks all the time. Every time we get in a car, ride a bicycle, or leave our front door, we take a risk. We mitigate those risks by wearing seatbelts and bike helmets and looking both ways before crossing the street. Living with COVID-19 is much the same. We’ll need to be aware of the risks we’re taking when going about our daily routine, and then work to mitigate those risks. Through remedying, mitigating and reducing the risks revealed and exacerbated by Covid the new normal of living with Covid will be an improvement over what came before.


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