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The Grind Never Stops

Often not, when young startups and small businesses imagine what success will look like; they imagine years from now when they finally make it and everything is smooth sailing - no more hunting for customers, no more drama and no more daily grind.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that is because it is.

There is no such thing as no more daily grind - only growth, scalability, and fulfillment.

If you want to be successful you must dream, yearn, want and, most importantly, you must constantly be in pursuit. Success is not just about money; it is about putting in that grind and working for what you want, it’s about the strive, the process, and the hurdles you overcome to finally achieve your dreams.

The greatest successes are achieved not by the most talented but the hard workers. Workers of commitment, inspiration, passion and perseverance. To Be successful, you need to love the daily grind, not just the end of the journey.

Each day is a new day that will bring its own unique challenges, pressures, and irritating details - all opportunities to be grateful for the passion, commitment and abundance your success brings. There is nothing more fulfilling than pursuing the goals that wake you up in the morning. It takes deep belief, commitment and a tremendous amount of faith to keep going.

You would think that continuing a never ending grind is an impossible feat, but it is very much possible! It sure is relentless and difficult but the grind, the journey to success, is never a one-man job.

To be great, you must bring people up with you - the more you contribute to the success of others, the more you succeed, and the greater a reputation you develop. To succeed, you must be unselfish. Once you find your purpose, passion, and role, you work on it - grinding with everything you’ve got. The next step is to share the knowledge you gained from your grind with others. Behind every successful entrepreneur you'll find an educated and wise mentor. Without an exceptional network behind you to mentor, guide, challenge, and focus them on thinking bigger it is impossible to grow, learn, and succeed. Invest in the grind with the intention of bringing yourself and everyone around you up. Success is a team sport.


This principle of the grind is the foundations on which the coworking industry is built on. The first supposed coworking space is traced back nearly 30 years to 1995 in Berlin, Germany. A community of computer engineers came together to socialize, share and collaborate in their grind for tech in what they called "Hackerspace". The purpose of this space was to bring together people of common interest and to provide them with facilities, equipment, and amenities to cater the opportunity of peer learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The term “coworking” was officially coined in 1999 by the American game designer, author, lecturer and fun theorist Bernard DeKoven. He used the term to reference his vision for the future of working which was rooted in collaboration - it referred to a way of working rather than a place for working.


ZED is devoted to providing an optimized workspace to cater to meet any business needs - A workspace which you fill with your own inspiration and passion. We are a community-centric office space dedicated to establishing a community of constructive, collaborative networks of professionals.


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