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Summer is for Coworking

The season of backyard barbecues, vacations and relaxation is upon us. The excitement of summer can easily distract from the needs of your business. While unwinding, relaxing and taking a much needed break are important, summer doesn’t mean the work stops.

As schools close for summer break and the kids stay home, the home office can turn into a nightmare for parents working remotely from home. Escape the distractions of home life and office boredom and retreat to a Coworking Office: a space crafted around productivity and focus. Coworking can help create a work/life balance between the office and home. Offering all the facilities and environment of an office with the added flexibility of shorter terms and workspace arrangements, coworking can be a productive break from the distractions of summer.

Even in a productive environment, it’s easy to catch yourself daydreaming about weekend plans or an upcoming trip, but working alongside the hustle of other members serves as a natural source of accountability and grit. A coworking office is not only a physical space but a community of professionals: members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects serving as inspiration and motivation for one another.

As colleagues deplete their PTO, summer work days can feel a bit lonely. Don’t let their absence keep you from the benefits of collaborating with others. Instead grow your professional network through coworking. With the change in the season comes a sense of renewal and excitement. Warmer temperatures feel fresh and light—a chance to start anew! Summer is a popular time for coworking memberships, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet and work with new people! Networking with fellow coworking community members could lead to a plethora of opportunities, such as new friendships, clients, or business opportunities.


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