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Strategic Design

Coworking shared office spaces, being a workspace intended to cultivate productivity. Every element of the space undergoes careful and intentional planning.

Intentional use of Colors

Color is an important tool for communicating – It’s an element of visual language that people process almost immediately. Color ‘jumps out’ at viewers before they even begin to process what they are looking at. Colors even play a role in human psychology and emotions to a considerable extent. It can affect a person’s mood, cognitive functions, creativity, and productivity. When a person is surrounded by vibrant tones such as red, they feel energetic and passionate adding a sense of excitement and vigor to the entire room.

At ZED Coworking, we utilize color psychology to help provide Silicon Valley professionals with sophistication, and focus and work productivity. Our meeting and conference rooms incorporate red feature walls which can inspire leadership, willpower, and high energy levels - encouraging about a stimulating meeting or presentation. Neon green accents through the facility to evoke energy, alertness, and focus.

Designed with well being in mind

Along with the use of Colors, the different Materials displayed at ZED is intentional. Considering the theory of Biophilia or mankind's innate predisposition and instinctive fondness to the natural environment, and the studies which link biophilic experiences with health benefits (lower cortisol levels, blood pressure, and pulse rate, as well as increased creativity and focus, better sleep, reduced depression and anxiety, and higher pain tolerance), ZED features natural looking materials and patterns to provide members with a pleasant, satisfying work environment.

Furthermore, careful attention to details such as lighting and air quality is made to help influence individual member’s performance, health, and well-being.

From the most miniscule detail, coworking shared office spaces are designed with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in mind - every inch of which is dedicated to providing an optimiZED workspace which cater to meet any business needs.


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