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Protect your mail against Porch Pirates

News coverage and social media posts of Christmases ruined by porch pirates frequented this past holiday season. Many turned to doorbell cameras for prevention but mail theft has since only multiplied along with the videos of items being stolen off of porches.

Contrary to it’s whimsical name, Porch Pirating is a serious crime. They are defined as residential burglars, entering a dwelling, or any part thereof, without permission with the intent to steal property. Those convicted of residential burglary are guilty of a Class 1 felony - which can carry sentences of four to fifteen years in prison.

Upwards of 1.7 million packages every day are stolen and are increasing! An analysis for the New York Times concluded that $25 million per day for package theft occurs. That is an annual loss of a whopping $9.125 billion.

The rise of porch burglary serves as a stark reminder of privacy and safety issues in mail. Especially with the increased practice of working from home, missing business mail can cause detrimental problems.

The United States Postal Services recommend checking mail regularly and minimizing the time mail is unattended to prevent mail theft - the longer your letters and packages sit unattended in your mailbox or on your porch, the more opportunity thieves have to take them. Bringing in mail promptly upon delivery seems simple enough - especially as more of us are working from the comforts of our homes. However, from virtual meetings to household chores, working from home or running a business from home can be quite consuming. For a preoccupied busy worker, the menial task of attending to mail can be a difficulty and tedious use of time.

A Post Office box, a mailbox located in a post office that you can use to receive mail and packages could be a solution if you have minimal mail volume, and time to physically drive to your local post office weekly, or even daily to get your mail. Making trips to the post office can be just as, if not more, distracting, time consuming and stressful and inadequate for time-sensitive documents.

ZED COWORKING virtual office plans provides a professional business address with mail handling services. Equipped with on-site cameras, PIN code locking system entry and onsite staff, the secure and safe receipt of mail and packages are ensured. Upon receipt of mail, onsite staff promptly notify you of the delivery and pictures of the unopened envelopes or packages can even be accessed from your device. Then you can simply request to have selected pieces of mail either opened and the contents scanned, forwarded, or destroyed - remotely, from the comforts of your home.


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