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Professional Isolation

Coworking spaces are shared office environments for independent professionals have been increasing rapidly. Various professionals, predominantly independent ones such as freelancers or remote workers, use these spaces as their places of business. Most of these independent professionals worked from home prior to renting a place of work in a coworking space, where they may have suffered from feeling of isolation.

Flexibility is a double edged sword. As efficient the flexible work model of remote work is in fostering productivity, it can also lead to obstacles such as "professional isolation".

The workplace is a social environment filled with social interactions that build relationships and work culture. Remote working misses out on these interactions - resulting in feelings of isolation and loneliness as desires for support, understanding, and other social and emotional aspects of interaction are not met.

Coworking spaces provide a potential solution to professional isolation, since they aim to establish a social atmosphere in which social interaction and collaboration are possible. Being a gathering space of motivated and enthusiastic professionals, Coworking spaces create an environment of natural and organic opportunity for social interaction.

The simple presence of others or the fact of working with others rather than alone can be a positive social interaction in itself - boosting morale and resparking passion for a cheerful workday.

Additionally, coworking spaces provide access to endless networking opportunities. Presenting opportunities of interaction with professionals from similar and or different industries, schools of thought, culture and skill set. Within coworking spaces, professionals are gathered together to work amongst each other with the competitive element removed. This implies more willingness and approachability to knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, collaboration and genuine interest in what other people’s businesses are all about.

The processes of knowledge sharing challenges people to think, articulate and receive clarity about their competencies. Collaboration presents a moment of self-analysis as an individual's strengths and weaknesses are attested.

When a variety of knowledge and skills are pooled, it creates a talent pool that is vast and more competent, able and experienced - There is strength in numbers: a group of people working together are more coherent and whole as they work together to plug each other's lackings and gaps. No two people are the same - brought up in different environments, we uphold different values, life goals and preferences. Through collaboration, we are able to learn and grow from each other's life experiences and perceptions - enhancing our capacity to go beyond their comfort zones and increase the business to new heights.


ZED is devoted to providing an optimized workspace to cater to meet any business needs - A workspace which you fill with your own inspiration and passion. We are a collaboration-centric office space dedicated to establishing a community of constructive, collaborative networks of professionals.


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