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Expanding your international business to the U.S.

International expansion can be quite arduous - Navigating unfamiliar legal requirements, purchasing pricy property overseas can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses.

A virtual business address through a virtual office membership can mitigate the burdensome challenges in expanding your international business to the U.S.

A virtual office membership through ZED Coworking provides professionals with a virtual business address: a physical street address in the global center of technology and innovation - Silicon Valley. This address can provide businesses with acumen and reputation and help form an established and professional company image. For international companies and individuals, it presents a leeway into the booming economy of Silicon Valley through the potential of business opportunity all the while allowing them the ability to work flexibly and remotely.

Why Virtual Business Address is Better Than a P.O. Box

A common alternative address service is a Post Office box. They’re effective in keeping home addresses private and not much more - it is simply a locked mailbox located at a postal office. P.O. Boxes simply do not mean the needs of international businesses that are attempting to expand into the U.S.. To register a business in the U.S. across different states - a business address is required. Similarly, filing tax reports, or opening up a business bank account, all require a physical address - a requirement P.O. Box addresses cannot suffice.

On the other hand, a virtual business address not only keeps home addresses private but offers mail handling services by on-site staff members who ensure receival and safekeeping of important business mail and parcels. Furthermore, virtual business addresses being a real, physical location, can be used to register your business, apply for licenses, set up U.S. bank accounts, - fulfilling all legal requirements of setting up a U.S. business.

Importance of a Physical Address

The significance of virtual business addresses being a real physical address is that in addition to fulfilling the requirements of registering a business, setting up bank accounts and filing tax reports - it suffices the H-1B Work Visa application requirement of a work site address. The address requirement is a stringent one that typical residential address do not satisfy as the lease to the address must specifically state that the space permitted to be used for commercial purposes. This is a vital factor for international businesses as much of their employees are based overseas.

Overall, a virtual business address through a Virtual Office membership is an excellent choice that can mitigate the burdensome challenges of expanding your international business to the U.S.


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