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Coworking Dos and Don'ts

Businesses and professionals are increasingly opting out of traditional office spaces for Coworking shared office spaces. Like traditional offices - with set boundaries and rules of conduct, Coworking spaces have rules of courtesy that keep the atmosphere affable and professional.

Make the most of your coworking space experience by following these simple dos and don'ts:

DO: Use common areas for networking. One of the biggest benefits of coworking shared offices is the great networking opportunities. Use reception areas, shared communal areas like the kitchen and copy rooms, and even the elevators or stairways to meet and get to know others in the building. Casual conversations in relaxed settings often lead to productive partnerships and unexpected benefits for all involved.

DON’T: Invade private spaces to network without invitation.

While networking is great, be careful to maintain proper boundaries. If the professional in an adjacent private workspace or suite closes his or her door or is obviously working intently, respect personal space and allow others to work without distraction.

DO: Take advantage of all the amenities provided.

To get the most from your stay in a private workspace environment, be sure to use the provided amenities. Take full advantage of onsite fitness facilities, free parking, and other perks. Ditch the walk to the nearest Starbucks in favor of a cup of coffee in the kitchen area. You’ll save time and money.

DON’T: Inconvenience others by improper use of the amenities.

In common areas, use good common sense to avoid inconveniencing others. For instance, keep smelly foods out of the kitchen area. When using onsite fitness facilities, keep in mind the need to wipe down the equipment so that others can also have a clean place to use.

DO: Book conference rooms for special meetings.

Trying to land that big account or increase a current client’s contract? Need to train a larger group of employees regarding a new product or service you are offering? Use booked conference rooms equipped with everything you need to accommodate larger meetings.

DON’T: Be unnecessarily noisy.

Be mindful of volume in a shared space. refrain from taking personal calls in common areas - move it to a private meeting room, go outside, or phone booths

DO: Clean up after yourself.

Wipe up any spills, leftover lunch residue, clean and put away any communal kitchen items you used.

As a shared environment designed to increase productivity and creativity, coworking spaces depend on individual members to adhere to courteous workplace etiquette.


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