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World Cup Office Fever

Coworking and shared offices always seemed like this mystery word, and I was almost scared to start working in one. There is always much emphasis on the people you meet there. Let me tell you there is no way you can truly understand until you’ve experienced the shared office space. At first, I thought I would only be talking to my small team and not interacting with the rest of the office. However, was I wrong. During my first week while in the shared office I was able to experience the community at full effect.

As an Englishman, I was excited to watch the world cup. There was an important game that happened during work. I was able to take lunch off do the flexibility of the open hours of the office; but, after full-time it was tied, and that means extra-time. Not only did it go to a stressful extra-time it went to penalties. I extended my lunch hours while calculating what time I’d leave the office. I was sitting in the common area watching the penalty shoot-out on the big tv. Almost everyone in the office, my team and not, was in the kitchen watching not only the game but also supporting me. I was the only English person in the whole office, but everyone was supporting England at that moment, I felt a sense of comradery with all the other people in the office. Everyone was cheering and moaning along with me. As England scored the penalty to win the game I jumped up for joy; but, I wasn’t the only one who jumped up. Everyone in the kitchen joined me in my euphoric celebration. At that moment it didn’t matter from what team, nation, or background we were all together as one. It felt like I was back in England watching the game with my fellow country men. Everyone was congratulating me as if I scored the penalty myself. I felt very welcomed into the coworking space even though everyone was so different from me; however, we were all alike at the same time. Everyone in the office, even if they're not in your team, is your friend and it helps create a great place to work and enjoy yourself when the time is right

I love the shared office space now. I have never been able to meet so many interesting people that share some common interests. It is almost like I have one or two things in common with everyone in the office. From we both watched The Office or played the same Nintendo Games as a kid. Coworking is a fantastic experience that I would now recommend to everyone I know. I can’t wait for the next game because I know my coworkers will be there too. I can’t believe that I am a member of such a great community and can’t wait to see what happens next. Please if you haven’t tried working in a shared office or a coworking area you should really give it a go and try it out. Touring a coworking office is good but nothing beats taking a free trial of the office, that way you can really experience the community.

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