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Where should I establish my business? Top 5 business addresses your company desire to call home

For businesses, the main principle of real estate remains the same as always:

Location, Location, and Location!

In the conversation surrounding office space and commercial real estate, there are a selected few metropolitan areas that tend to draw businesses both large and small. The reasons behind these are varied, but typically imply access to venture capital, a large population of other businesses and last but not least, a desirable place to live!

This makes a kind of snowball effect, where there are so many businesses in an area that they form an identity of their own. This is really pronounced in areas like Silicon Valley, New York City Hollywood and a few others.

The smaller players in less prominent locations have to play catch up, and often try to emulate the same ideals as these metropolitan areas. This has prompted us at ZED Silicon Valley to create a list of some of the most popular, and uprising locations to place a business address.

1. Silicon Valley - San jose Zip Code: 95129

The photo above depicts the recently developed Apple Campus in Cupertino, bringing thousands of new jobs and an iconic look that encapsulates Silicon Valley’s ideas.

The Tech Hub

The term “Silicon Valley” is typically used to describe the area stretching from San Jose to Palo Alto that’s become home to so many technology companies that have changed the way we live. Companies like Microsoft and Apple have built whole new industries that are almost entirely housed in the valley. From hardware parts, software development, social media marketing, cloud computing and other tech powerhouse industries can all find their roots in Silicon Valley. Businesses in software development and digital marketing lend themselves well to smaller groups, making this a popular area for technology startups. Venture capital groups and investment firms have also made this area a homebase, as they seek the next big opportunity to multiply their profits.

These two factors have made it the place to be for tech business both big and small. Access to Silicon Valley means access to collaboration with some of the brightest minds in tech, as well as some of the biggest bucks to back them. Whether your business is headquartered here or not, an address in Silicon Valley can make or break your standing. The area is rife with virtual office providers, lending their address to people hoping to gain the marketability and acclaim associated with the area. It’s one of the most well funded areas for technology companies in the world.

2. New York City - Wall St. Zip Code: 10005

This aerial picture depicts the borough of Manhattan, home to New York’s thriving financial district.

Where ambition grows higher than skyscrapers

New York City has been a hub for businesses, local and international, for almost a century. Manhattan in particular is home to a number of the largest financial companies, investment firms, consultants and banks in the entire United States. There are also more than 2 million small businesses operating in the state of New York, comprising 99% of the total companies there.

For years and year, this has been an astounding location for companies of all kinds that service these businesses. An address in Manhattan produces an image of tall skyscrapers, hustle and bustle, as well as a work ethic and customer base to match this picture. Firms seeking to capture this aesthetic often use virtual offices to locate their business in the city, despite being operated elsewhere. For investment firms, financial advisors, banks and other money management bodies, an address in New York is a huge boon. If someone is going to trust their money to a company for investment or management, they want it to be in good hands. An address in Manhattan projects know-how, expertise and association with big players in finance.

3. Los Angeles - Beverly Hills. Zip code: 90210

Palm trees, luxurious office space, movie studios and stars all capture the essence of Beverly Hills.

Hello Hollywood!

Beverly HIlls is a picturesque Los Angeles neighborhood situated in the West Hollywood area. This location is characteristic of large film studios and a host of other businesses that foster them. These include PR firms, marketing agencies, business consultancies and more. Increasingly, Los Angeles has become a hub for tech startups, but the film and entertainment industry is dominant. Hollywood is a hub for those hoping to make it big in one of the above industries, whether it be singing, acting, marketing or management. Businesses of all kinds relocate their addresses to Beverly Hills in search of a luxurious business image, that serves the stars. With a view like the one above, it’s hard not to conjure up that image with an address here.

Some of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. are located in Beverly Hills, including a digital marketing software provider called NOM. As social media carves out its space in the marketing and ad industries, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are taking many opportunities in this transition.

4. Charleston, South Carolina. Zip code: 29401

Blue waters, a mild climate, abundance of jobs and a thriving economy mean Charleston is game for new ventures

The gateway to the U.S.

The port city of Charleston, South Carolina may not be at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of thriving hubs for business. However, the city is experiencing rapid economic growth on a number of fronts. Since the establishment of the first colonies of the United States, Charleston has served as a port for the import and export of many goods to the U.S. Ports in South Carolina generate one out of every 10 jobs in the state, making it one of the state’s primary economic drivers. For companies dealing with trade, import and export of goods or services internationally, Charleston is an envious address hosting one of the largest ports in the U.S.

The city is an attractive business destination for a number of other reasons as well. To start, there is a rapid influx of new residents, particularly millennials to the area. Costs of operation are relatively low, as with housing rates. In addition, job growth here is well above the national average. These reasons result in virtual office providers using Charleston as one of the main havens for the Eastern Seaboard.

5. Austin, Texas - Silicon Hills Zip code: 78727

The sprawling landscape above makes you wonder why Austin doesn’t get the recognition it deserves

On the Come Up!

Austin, Texas is another unlikely name on this list, but one that can’t be counted out. First off, businesses operating in Texas receive a number of benefits including low housing costs and low taxes. Since the 1990s, Austin has also experienced a rapid influx of new technology companies garnering it the nickname “Silicon Hills” in a juxtaposition with Silicon Valley.

However, unlike Silicon Valley, the diversity of Austin’s community and industries is much wider. Outside of technology, Austin has fostered healthcare, government services and manufacturing businesses of all kinds. Not to mention, Austin has a thriving culture of live music, small businesses, food and nightlife. This makes it another destination that’s attracting more and more millennials entering the workforce. DaVinci Virtual Offices have a wide range of virtual office locations in many cities, allowing you to browse the smaller venues like Austin or Charleston.


Every business has different needs, and your address should reflect that. For technology companies, Silicon Valley is an unmatched place to grow your business. Marketing, ad agencies and management companies thrive in Beverly Hills, where they can serve the stars. For importers and commerce companies, a port city like Charleston will do. Finance and banking usually belong in New York under the reign of bulls and bears. If you’re looking for a city on the rise, look no further than Austin, Texas. Don’t limit yourself to whatever city you’re located in. Businesses grow by thinking bigger, and by accessing new levels of capital infusion like those found in Silicon Valley. New customers and clients are drawn to a professional business address, so research your dream location and make it reality today!


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